New technology
Our goal is to offer a technically reliable and high-performing product. This is why all technology and each detail is first tested by the Lab Evolution Group. Garments undergo tests for durability and functionality so as to ensure ultimate performance in any weather condition.

Most of the technology we provide our customers is developed within our laboratories, yet many projects have been carried out with important external partners.
BrandSoft Shell
The most evolved of all our membranes Resistant to 10000 mm columns of water, it allows you to keep riding even against the elements.
Freshness. Our Freshtech fabric is the perfect ally against summer heat. Cool, elastic and breathable, it ensures comfort and high performance.
Thermal fleece fabric. Perfect when it gets colder outside.
Hotech Light
Dynamic thermo-regulating lightweight microfleece fabric. Perfect in mid-season.
Unlimited comfort and elasticity. The perfect mix of elasticity and compression that keeps you riding for hours without even feeling the fabric on the skin.
Light Shell
The lightest of all our membranes. Perfect blend between lightness and protection, suitable for mid-season.
The revolutionary technology of reflective fabrics paired with the world of sublimation printing: this is Pixel®, capable of blending visibility and breathability at the highest level. Added to this is riding comfortability - which is essential for cyclists - and the customizability of a fabric suitable for transfer printing. These features make Pixel® the ideal ally to complete Pissei's performance and style.
PrimaLoft® is a fabric designed to mimic goose down yet giving a nod to sustainability. Its high level of softness, lightweight, breathability and waterproofness make it the perfect material for undershirts.
Our teflon-treated water repellent fabric. Thanks to this technology, water slips away and leaves the garment dry.
Our windproof and water resistant membrane. Resistant to 5000 mm columns of water, to offer ultimate protection against wind and water.
Feel safe. Branches and twigs are no longer a problem thanks to our X-core rubber protective inserts. The ergonomic shape is designed to adapt to your hands with minimum bulkiness.
The top of membranes together with the top of elasticity. Our X-EVOLUTION membrane adapts perfectly to body silhouettes while keeping its protective properties unchanged.
Our double-layer membrane. Brad Softshell outer membrane with a 40% material inside ensuring warmth and protection.
Warm and breathable wool blend specifically designed for skin contact. Its thermo-regulating properties ensure constant body temperature.
Warm and breathable wool blend fabric. Its thermo-regulating properties ensure constant body temperature.
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