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Protection and performance. Terra Double revolutionizes the concept of tights by offering additional protection against any inconvenience along the way. A first layer of thermal and adherent fabric adapts perfectly to the leg like normal tights, while protection is guaranteed by a second layer of warp-knit fabric separated and independent from the one underneath. The separation of the two fabrics ensures protection and breathability at the same time, making the tights not too heavy and comfortable.

Terra Double bib tights consisting of a first layer in thermal, breathable fabric and a second separate and independent layer in warp-knit fabric for maximum protection when cycling off-road. Anatomic raw cut shoulder strap that guarantees maximum comfort and support. Easy fit. COMPOSITION: 80% POLYESTER 20% ELASTOMER.

TruFlo Dirty-G chamois is perfectly suited for the MTB and Gravel world, with an exclusive design. TruFlo technology is also well suited for the world of gravel, ensuring unmatched comfort and maintaining floating technology.

  • colors: Black
  • temperature: 7°- 12°
  • products: Tights

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