Fatigue, sweat, mud and dust. The Cape Epic is universally known as the toughest off-road stage race in the world, a mix of these ingredients plus the spectacular scenery of South Africa. The Pissei ambassador Alessandro Petacchi wanted to test himself in this wild and difficult context, with the former professional Francesco Chicchi. An 8-day adventure where the pitfalls and technical difficulties were just around the corner.

In this race Petacchi has taken his physique to the limit, also testing the qualities and performance capabilities of Pissei garments. A challenge that the “Made in Italy” cycling clothing company accepted, supporting the champion in the difficulties of race. “Enduring pain, fatigue and the hot African, these are the elements we need most” – explains Alessandro Petacchi.

The Cape Epic was the umpteenth adventure of a champion who made millions of cycling fans fall in love.