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A high-performing utterly reliable product in technical terms is a prime requirement for anyone in the cycling world. This is why all technology and each detail we integrate into our garments is first tested by the Lab Evolution Group. Our clothing undergoes tests for durability and functionality so we are sure they will outperform in any weather conditions.

Most of the new technology is developed in our laboratories, but we also undertake joint projects with prestigious partners so we stay ahead of the curve.


PIXEL®: from fabric to future

From light to dark riders are always visible, thanks to brand-new Pixel® technology from the Pissei collection. A series of breathable retro-reflective materials which improve safety and performance levels without sacrificing stylishness.


Visibility, safety, comfort.
Revolutionary refractive fabrics and the world of Sublimation Printing, together: this is the added value of Pixel®, the perfect solution to combine visibility and safety at the highest level. Pixel® is also comfortable to wear and be completely customized since it is suitable for transfer printing. These special features make Pixel® ideal to enhance Pissei performance and style.
Research & Innovation

technology and comfort


Research & Innovation


This pad features six technologies of which the most standout innovative features are E-Go and Cellpur®. E-Go fabric is a winning combination of premium soft breathability and the utmost biodegradable biocompatible efficiency. Cellpur® is the first foam made from cellulosic TENCELTM fibres obtained from sustainable wood. Elasticated, durable an air permeable, it quickly absorbs and store moisture and is the epitome of hi-tech superiority which works tirelessly to the rider’s advantage.
Research & Innovation


And you thought Michelangelo was synonymous with breathability? Say hello to Michelangelo 2. Even more breathable, it takes protection to the next level while staying light tanks to the gel-focus-carving system.
Research & Innovation


Protection, lightness and breathability of Michelangelo 2 are perfectly designed also to female anatomy.
Research & Innovation


Improved cycling will no longer be just something to yearn after. With this compact minimalist-looking pad, bulkiness is down and comfort is up. Ideal for any weather conditions, it features wicking honeycomb foam which puts a stop to moisture build-up.
Research & Innovation


Less bulkiness and more breathability thanks to the Full-Carving tchnique. In a word: Giotto. Stretchy, compact ultralight pad designed to meet the needs of the professional athlete.
Research & Innovation


The best in pad technology applied to the female anatomy. A compact stretchy fit which offers protection yet in ultralight, it combines comfort and breathability thanks to the Full-Carving technique


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