Primapelle FW22

Comfort, style, freedom.
Guided by passion, we get on the saddle in search of freedom, emotions and discovery.
We test our body and our spirit to experience new sensations and feel free and connected with the outside world.
Cycling is freedom and Primapelle FW22 is the ultimate expression of that.

The best long sleeve jersey.

Primapelle jersey brings a lot of technical innovations.
Our R&D department studied a new fabric with great thermal properties, amplified by the inner brushing making the surface soft and warm on the skin.
But the real novelty lies in the construction.
The Primapelle winter jersey takes the concept of cycling jersey to a new level and distorts its shapes and construction.
Made starting from a single cut of fabric, the seam of the sleeve has been eliminated giving a clean look but above all ensuring maximum comfort thanks to the feeling of perfect wrapping.
The shirt therefore foresees only two continuous side seams to close the sides and sleeves, without interruptions, and raw-cut cuffs, comfortable and clean in the lines.

Primapelle FW22
Primapelle FW22

Bib shorts and Bib tights made for the longest rides.

Primapelle range features bib shorts and bib tights designed to be warm and comfortable even on the longest rides.
Crafted with our Primapelle fabric, both the bib shorts and the bib tights own a minimal construction with a single external sewing, granting an extreme comfort.
Primapelle items are equipped with our top range pad TruFlo, which offers outstanding performance and comfort even on the long days on the saddle.
Thanks to the double-suede layer and the particular construction, the pad follows the cyclist’ movements reducing friction and granting superior comfort and air flow.

Primapelle FW22
Primapelle FW22

Being protected even on the longer rides with Primapelle jackets.

The more we get into winter, the more protection is required to ride outside.
Primapelle jackets feature additional membrane layers to protect from the elements and grant a good winter riding experience.

Primapelle FW22
Primapelle FW22
Primapelle FW22