The Tour de France, the most followed cycling race in the world, it is going to start and Pissei decides to celebrate the 2018 edition with a special web series. The hardest climbs and the incandescent roads of French are colored by a touch of Italian style thanks to Pissei style.

The Tour Cartoon Jersey revisits the playful and fun layout of the Sanremo Cartoon with yellow color. For the occasion, Pissei launches the Hors Categorie Jersey, an ultra-light and highly technical jersey designed for the muggy days like the ones that the greatest athletes in the world will meet in France. To complete the web series the Logo bibshorts with a total black look suits with any outfit.

With these three items, Pissei launches a special edition that confirms the style and the quality of the materials that have always distinguished the company. A dutiful tribute to the most followed race in the world that in the coming weeks will have the eyes of millions cycling fans.