Pissei signed a new important partnership with XTERRA Italy, the italian organizer of XTERRA triathlon events offroad. One of the most famous multisport events in the world that will officially begin to take place in Italy from the 27th may at Lago di Garda and the second appointment will be on the 22nd of July at Lago di Scanno in Abruzzo.

An international show that will bring also foreign public and extraordinary competition composed by swimming, mountain bike and trail running challenges. For Pissei is an important showcase to make people aware of their high quality Made in Italy products.

On the 27th may, in the beautiful context of Lago di Garda, the competitors are going to select one of the two courses: the Full (1,5 km swimming, 34 km bicycle, 11 km running) or the Sprint (0,75 km swimming, 17 km bicycle, 6 km running). Later, on the 22nd July the competition will take place between the mountains and the paths of Lago di Scanno and it will have two different courses as well: the Full (1,5 km swimming, 30 km bicycle, 10 km running) and the Sprint (0,75 km swimming, 15 km bicycle, 6 km running).