Go all the way to the finish line. A thrill called speed that touches you and hits you. In cycling, the sprinter category knows very well the concept of speed and knows how important is the performance to better tackle the last 250 meters before the finish line.

Thinking back to the Italia cycling of the last 15 years, there was an athlete who most embodied the concept of sprinter. When you say AleJet, any cycling fan who follows professional racing knows that he is referring to Alessandro Petacchi. From today, Petacchi is the new ambassador Pissei, a counsellor in the mission of the company that aims to combine the utmost technicality with an unmistakable style.

What prompted an athlete of Alessandro Petacchi’s fame to choose to wear Pissei? What are the aspects of the brand that most affected you?

Pissei is a brand that I already knew and I had several times the pleasure of visiting the company and trying out the garments. I immediately liked the race cutting they give. I think that more than others they have understood how to please the most specialized and prepared amateur. Furthermore, the quality of the product is interesting.

Pissei’s philosophy is “Performance with style”. Is it reflected in the mission?

Pissei garments have a great style and are studied in every detail. As for the support of professional athletes, there must be a high level of performance. In today’s cycling, there is a lot of clothing that helps you get the best of it. Having made several flights I know how important it is to reach the maximum of performance.

Pissei aims to create a high level of technological and trendy clothing. In the last 20 years how much has cycling changed and the perception of this sport among people?

Nowadays, the challenge is to be able to put together performing and breathable materials and it is not an easy challenge. There are millions of different materials and you need to know how to invest on the right ones to give excellent quality. Since I stopped cycling, a lot has changed in the way I dress. Just think of the body. Before it was not done with the pockets and was used only for the time trial; you could not wait to take it off. Today they ride for 5-6 hours wit the body. People, when they see a rider, do not see a fold in his uniform. Furthermore, there is so much technology that speeds are increased and all teams study and develop new solutions.

In addition to technological development, cycling clothing is becoming more and more attentive to style. How important is to show your style even when riding a bike?

If a rider is elegant in pedalling by bike and is also well dressed, the visual impact is noticeable and his figure is highlighted. In reverse, the dress can make the athlete who is not very elegant in the saddle appear better.

How important is it for you to support a “Made in Italy” company like Pissei?

It’s nice to know that there are Italian companies that invest in Italy and in their territory. The Italian product is recognized all over the world and, personally, I like to dress Italian because you know who you talk to and you know where the product is born.

During his career he has won many races and is one of the most loved Italian cyclists by the fans. What is the success you are most attached to?

The victory that I have been looking for and have dreamed of most since I was a child is Milano-Sanremo. It is a very fast race even if it is over 300 kilometres. It fascinated me, perhaps because it was a classic that was in my region, but I always had this dream and winning it gave me indescribable emotions.

There are many project that Pissei and Petacchi will put on track in this 2019. Starting from the “Tips of AleJet”, a space on the website www.pissei.com where Petacchi will indicate to users the ideal products to deal with certain climatic situations. A simple and intuitive system that will guide the customer towards the purchase of the perfect product.

 “If you think about speed – explains Roberto Carpignani, sales and marketing manager of Pissei – you can not think of Alessandro Petacchi and his long career full of victories and undisputed credibility. It will be a testimonial that goes beyond the sporting value and meets the ideal underlying the Pissei philosophy: “corri col cuore” and “performance with style”. His advice will allow us to strengthen our mission of combining the utmost technicality in the workmanship of the products with an unmistakable Italian style and trendy. In conjunction with the start of the Giro d’Italia we will launch an AleJet limited edition on our website, developed together, while on our website there will be a space with its advice to make the best use of our products. Moreover, it will be with us at the most important events in which the brand will be engaged”.