About us

About us

Permeate each performance with stylishness. Imbue each physical feat with elegance. This is Pissei's mission. A bright burst of colour and graphic design harmoniously enliven the finest fabrics available, driving wearers to gather speed and give their utmost on the road.

Ever since 1978, we have been designing our garments to exceed the requirements of professional athletes, sustaining them in the worst weather conditions. Our offering is entirely Italian made because we feel it is important to keep traditions alive and honour our country. For 40 years now we have been putting our expertise at the service of the sports-jersey sector.

Each single item in our lineup has been carefully designed down to the tiniest detail not only in terms of function, but also of style because we don’t want you to have to sacrifice good looks. The graphic prints are carried out on top-end machinery to the very highest possible standard. 

Vision & Mission

Our main aim is to exceed the expectations of cyclists. We take an impassioned approach to finding the best and newest technology and curate each item down to the last detail. It is a never-ending quest for perfection.

We use the best possible fabrics to ensure cyclists can outperform in terms of aerodynamics, comfort and lightweightness. We constantly strive to improve our knowledge by being part of professional cycling events.

And we elevate our extraordinary garments with on-trend ebullient graphics. We want everyone to feel that their clothes tell their story when they are out riding.


Boasting forty years of experience gained via a series of prestigious collaborations in the racing universe, we place our expertise at the service of cyclists all over. We are particularly proud of the bond we have forged with the Wilier Triestina-Selle Italia team because of their strong historical background.

Being convinced that values must be passed on to the future generations, we also have a serious commitment to young local cyclists. Our desire is to help budding athletes to grow not only in sporting terms but also on a personal level.

Research & Innovation

A high-performing utterly reliable product in technical terms is a prime requirement for anyone in the cycling world. This is why all technology and each detail we integrate into our garments is first tested by the Lab Evolution Group. Our clothing undergoes tests for durability and functionality so we are sure they will outperform in any weather conditions.

Most of the new technology is developed in our laboratories, but we also undertake joint projects with prestigious partners so we stay ahead of the curve.